Mr. Blackwell & the MBA's

Do you remember that beat that propelled you out of your seat? That syncopated funk that stirred your soul and moved your feet? That undulating rhythm that held you helplessly captive to the stylings of R&B greats like James Brown, Cameo, Ohio Players and Blood Sweat and Tears? Want to re-ignite the funk?
Welcome to the soulful stylings of Mr. Blackwell and his MBAs.

Baptized into music by the native sounds of the South Pacific, the incomparable influences of Motown, and the relentless rhythms and grooves of the 70’s funk bands, Mr. Blackwell and his band has redefined entertainment. Bringing together some of Northern California’s finest musicians, Mr. Blackwell has created music and a sound that forces you to get up and move! Real musicians . . . real instruments . . . the real deal.

Whether you experienced R&B and funk firsthand in the 60s and 70s or you’re discovering it now,
Mr. Blackwell and the MBAs will lay down undeniably thumping beats, sure to seize your soul and
release the primal funk in YOU!

Join the groove. Come see what Mr. Blackwell and the MBAs are all about. Funk and rhythm have never felt so good.


Rene Jenkins

Evan Palmerston Tim HaggertyBobby G





Willard Blackwell

Sound Samples

Everybody Has The Blues.mp3


Tell It Like It Is.mp3

That's the Way of the World.mp3

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