Mr. Blackwell Presents

MR. BLACKWELL PRESENTS is a music production company unparalleled! Whether, R&B is your thing, Zydeco moves your feet or country makes you swing, Mr. Blackwell has something for you.

Born in California, and raised in Guam, the Philippines and Sonoma County, California, Willard Blackwell experienced the beat of global rhythms all of his life. A drummer and singer by trade, Mr. Blackwell began drumming at 14 years old and developed a keen sense of rhythm and style that captured the island sounds of the South Pacific Rim, the urban beats of the San Francisco Bay Area and the twang of Sonoma County country music that evolved into a musical mosaic satisfying even the most particular of music lovers.

Mr. Blackwell Presents brings to you an eclectic harmony of music that tickles your fancy. You will helplessly surrender to toe tapping, finger-snapping, hip swinging, ear-ringing pleasure of the music customized for your event!

Have an event but no entertainment? Don’t let your event fall FLAT -- Mr. Blackwell Presents can help you turn your event into the SHARP venue of your dreams! Whether you are getting MARRIED, CELEBRATING a holiday, booking acts for PARTIES, CORPORATE EVENTS, FESTIVALS or CONCERTS, and everything in between), MR. BLACKWEL PRESENTS has the right act for you.

Have the music listening, body dancing time of your life! Find the musical acts that meet your fancy by navigating our selection menu on the left panel.

Can’t wait to see you!